5th Annual Zero Energy Inventory Is Now Open


The Net Zero Energy Coalition has begun their fifth annual Zero Energy Residential Buildings Inventory in the United States and Canada and they need your help! The national nonprofit is asking for all those in the US and Canada involved in zero energy home design and construction to register their projects at https://inventory.teamzero.org. They will be concluding the 2019 inventory on August 15, 2020.

“This year we are expanding our survey questions to identify critical factors like solar adoption and trends in electrification,” said Inventory Director and author, Ann Edminster, M. Arch. Edminster also notes that the new, enhanced online inventory input form allows users to add a listing in just a few minutes. Updating projects inventoried in earlier years is also much faster and easier now.

Previous inventories have revealed very interesting trends among zero energy homes. For example, the 2018 inventory showed 59% growth in ZE units in just one year. The study also reinforced previous years’ findings. “Projects of two or more units (both single- and multifamily) dominate ZE activity across the US and Canada; they represented 94% of all ZE units in 2015, 95% in 2016, 94% in 2017, and clocked in at 95.4% in 2018. The unwavering prevalence of commercial ZE residential development is a clear signal that ZE is not a tiny niche for bespoke homes.”

Team Zero started tracking in the US and Canada in 2015. They use the term “zero energy” broadly, seeking to include all residential projects designed to achieve energy performance in the realm of zero. Team Zero does not verify individual projects but rather relies on individuals to report their projects’ energy performance based on their best understanding. The Inventory’s categories are zero-energy-ready, zero energy, net positive, and – new this year – off-grid. Both new construction and retrofit projects can be listed and may be in any stage of development: planning, design, construction, or completed.

If you have any questions about your project’s eligibility, upload the project data here, or contact info@teamzero.org with questions.

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