Architects Focus | Mass Timber + Passive House


A presentation centered around the Importance of Embodied Energy in our Passive house designs and how careful material selection can achieve carbon reductions

Learning objectives:

  1. 1. What is the typical difference in percentages between embodied versus operational energy in a Passive house building.
  2. 2. List 4 advantages of Mass timber for Passive houses.
  3. 3. List 5 Fire tests held by ATF (Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms) that were conducted in preparation for the Tall Wood Building Codes.
  4. 4. Describe the heights and fireproofing requirements for the IBC 2021 Mass Timber Building Codes.
  5. 5. True or False: Typical Passive house Plus built w/ mass Timber can result in 93% reduction in Global Warming Potential.
  6. 6. Name 3 ways of building a Passive House which incorporates Carbon Sequestration methodologies.
  7. 7. Yale Forestry studies indicate we are currently harvesting approximately 20%, 34% or 50% of the world’s forests annual growth potential?



New York Passive House
New York Passive House
New York Passive House (NYPH) was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals who found the need for an energy-efficient built environment.…

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