Passive House Canada (PHC) today launched its Pathway to Certification course package with a deep discount of 50 per cent off for the first 25 registrants.

“We’re delighted to be moving our 120 series online as live, interactive webinars,” CEO Chris Ballard said. “Whatever you call them: net-zero, near-zero or high-performing buildings, we believe the most direct way to learn how to design and build these buildings of the future in our country is through our Passive House Canada 120 courses,” he said.

The courses prepare students for the Passive House Designer/Consultant Exam and certification as a Passive House professional.

By bundling the three courses, 120A Passive House Construction and Design, 120B Understanding & Working with PHPP, and 120C Exam Preparation for Designer/Consultant, participants can save up to $1,600 and receive a personal one-year membership in Passive House Canada. Learn more here.

“COVID-19 has been damaging to our industry and the future for many of us is, frankly, uncertain,” Ballard said. But he added PHC believes there are many in the industry who want Passive House Certification to help them future-proof their careers.

“We’re making these courses much more affordable and accessible by bundling and offering them online,” he said. “Now, no matter where you live in Canada, you have access to quality PHC education.”

Each course is taught by a knowledgeable PHC instructor in live, interactive webinars. Students are encouraged to ask questions. The webinars are recorded and students have access to their taped classes to review them. As well, PHC has discussion groups for each course so students can mix with past graduates, ask questions and share knowledge.

“This is all about growing the Passive House community in Canada,” Ballard said.

A membership in Passive House Canada supports nation-wide Passive House advocacy with government and the delivery of critical education. Members have access to a wide variety of benefits, including discounts on courses and events. Members can join forums to ask questions and share best practices. And, members get exclusive savings of 50 per cent off an iPHA membership. Learn more here.


Passive House Canada
Passive House Canada
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