Building Conversations: Interview with a Mark Ashby, Fold Architecture


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The “whole”istic approach to building
Interview with Mark Ashby, Principal & Founder, Fold Architecture

Health, Comfort, and Energy Performance in buildings are not mutually exclusive and the benefits of how these objectives align is what the Passive House standard is all about. Join us as Mark and Chris chat about how the International Passive House standard is more important than ever.

Mark is principal and founder of Fold Architecture and a Certified Passive House Designer. Mark’s interest in building energy efficiency originates with the emergence of the contemporary “Green” building movement in the 1990’s. Passive House stands out as the most rigorous, scientifically defensible and practical approach to achieve this objective. Mark’s practice includes both design and expert consulting for projects designed to the Passive House standard.


Passive House Canada
Passive House Canada
Our mission is to make the International Passive House standard of building performance understood, achievable, and adopted by government,…

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