Building Conversations: Interview with a Passive House Homeowner


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Interview with Tracy Johnson, Passive House homeowner and German Vaisman, Project Manager, WSP.

Building a home is a journey from start to finish. This month, we have the pleasure of chatting with both German and Tracy about the highs and lows of completing Tracy’s dream of living in an energy efficient home.

Tracy Johnson, Passive House homeowner, Toronto, Ontario

Hear Tracy’s perspective on why she wanted to build a Passive House, why she was drawn to the building standard, the trials and tribulations of all phases of the project and finally she will share why she is so happy living in her Passive House.

German Vaisman, Project Manager, Building Sciences at WSP.

German will give you an inside look at working with the homeowner during the design-build process and share some moments from their journey together. “It was a true collaboration that incorporated both our expertise and Tracy’s needs and wants.”

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