Building Decarbonization insights on tap at Living Future 20, May 7-8

April 27, 2020


Living Building and Passive House practitioners are birds of a feather. While the two approaches to sustainable building design are fundamentally different, like yin and yang they are part of a shared whole: a commitment to real, ambitious, and measurable outcomes. Their complementarity is one of the reasons that the “crosswalks” between Living Future’s certification programs and those of PHI and PHIUS make so much sense.

On a personal level, I’ve always looked forward to Living Future’s conferences. After months of left-brain-heavy Passive House conferences—which I love, don’t get me wrong—it’s energizing and rejuvenating to connect with the broader, more holistic perspective of the Living Future community. ILFI pours some serious creative energy into not only sharing insights, but also creating moments of celebration and inspiration, even in the face of the big challenges that we face.

Also, they really know how to throw a party.

So, when I heard that ILFI was diving into a re-imagining of Living Future 20 as a virtual conference, my first thought was, “I want to see how these guys do it.” We all will get the chance to do so at the end of next week: Living Future 20 runs on May 7 and 8. (Passive House Accelerator readers receive a 10% discount on registration with code PHACCELERATOR10.)

For Passive House diehards there’s lots of building decarbonization content to sink your teeth into, including:

But it would be a shame not to expand one’s horizons with the other sessions on offer. I’m particularly interested in hearing about ILFI’s latest efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion, for example.

I hope to see you there. Maybe we’ll bump into one another at one of the conference’s networking sessions!

Register here.


Zachary Semke
Zachary Semke
Zack Semke is Director of Passive House Accelerator and a member of Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corps. He writes and speaks about…

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