BuildingEngery Boston 2021 Conference Proposals Due in 3 Weeks


In honor of the inquisitive learner in all of us, the theme of BuildingEnergy Boston 2021 is Getting at WHY.

Why submit a proposal? If your proposal is accepted as a conference session, your projects, innovations, ideas, and speakers will come before a full audience of sustainable building and energy professionals eager to learn from your experiences. Learn how to craft a strong proposal for Getting at WHY here.

We recommend starting your proposal now (you’ll need to log in to access the form). You can return to edit your proposal as often as you’d like before submitting.

The deadline to submit proposals is Thursday, December 10. BuildingEnergy Boston will take place May 3–5, 2021. The format of the event (virtual vs. in-person) is TBD.


Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) helps high-performance building and energy efficiency professionals improve their…

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