Call for Videos: Share your two-minute Passive House project walkthrough (Some Tips)

April 07, 2020


How to make a great two-minute Passive House video tour

We all love a good Passive House tour. For some of us, a long Passive House Conference is like the beans-and-rice we throw down in order to get to the sweet dessert of a Saturday building tour.

In order to get our fix during this year of living locally, we’re begging all of you who live near an interesting Passive House building to make a two-minute Passive House video tour, and post it online. We’ll air the best video tours on the Global Passive House Happy Hour. And we’ll give bodacious prizes to the best of Passive House Cinema.

Ready to be the Tarantino of Thermal Bridging? The Altman of Air Tightness?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Keep it short. Really short. Two minutes is the sweet spot, according to social media experts.
  2. Hold the camera phone steady. Think of your movie as a series of still photos that show the building.
  3. Professional commercials average 28 shots per minute. But Passive House aficionados want to study the details. A dozen or 15 shots is plenty.
  4. Start with an overview. Show the whole exterior in one shot.
  5. Show the windows and shading elements.
  6. Show the installation details for doors and windows and balconies.
  7. Show what the interior spaces look like.
  8. Show the HRV and installation details.
  9. Show the DHW system and insulation details.
  10. Show the PHPP and other metrics, if you have this information.
  11. Were there challenges? How were they overcome? Pick two or three.
  12. Show owners, designers, builders. Or at least give credit where due.
  13. Tell us what the building means to its residents, or what it means to you.

Post your movie online and share it with us at Then wait for your invite to Cannes.

Please Note: we are NOT seeking videos explaining the standard or its benefits. That has been done a lot already and quite well. Instead, we are looking for two-minute video tours of completed or under-construction Passive House buildings.

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