Climate Change Solutions: Urban Green Event on Activating Local Solutions

September 26, 2019


If any organization has first-hand experience in grappling with local solutions to buildings and climate, it’s the Urban Green Council, the NYC-based group (and Passive House Accelerator content contributor) dedicated to “transforming buildings for a sustainable future in New York City and around the world.”

Don’t miss Urban Green’s exclusive Climate Week event this Friday, September 27, “Activating Local Solutions to Global Climate Targets,” from 9 to 11:30am at the Canadian Consulate in NYC.

Speakers will include luminaries Cristina Gamboa (CEO of WorldGBC), Lisa Bate (Board Chair of WorldGBC), John Mandyck (CEO of Urban Green Council), Laura Popa (Deputy Chief of Staff for Legislation and Policy for the NY City Council), Julie Hirigoyen (CEO of UKGBC), Ofer Ben-Dov (Global Sustainability Leader with Armstrong Fluid Technology), Steven Smith (Executive Director of Multiplex), and Scot Horst (Founder of Arc Skoru).

The event will explore opportunities for businesses and governments in the zero carbon emissions economy of the future:

“Buildings represent 70 percent of carbon emissions in big cities and are a critical solution to the climate emergency facing us. New construction, existing building stock and embodied emissions from materials and construction must all be addressed in order to achieve a fully decarbonized built environment.

“Achieving global climate targets requires local solutions. Hear from leading experts about the opportunities this challenge presents, including incorporating innovative approaches, adapting business models and developing new policy mechanisms.”

Sounds like a pretty unique opportunity to learn from both NYC and global powerhouses in decarbonization, business, and buildings!

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