Component Spotlight: Overview of 475 Materials and Application For Smart Enclosure Design (Thu, Mar 25)

March 16, 2021


On Thursday, March 25 (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern), we will feature Nick Shaw of 475 High Performance Building Supply for the latest installment of our fast-paced Passive House Component Spotlight series.

Attendees will get an introduction to the complete catalog of 475’s materials available to North America. The presentation will include everything from products the Passive House community has relied upon for years, to the newest (and upcoming) releases. Most importantly, get a sense for the best case uses for each material and how they all come together to create assemblies optimized for comfort, carbon, safety, and health.

Come ready with your questions, as Nick’s presentation will be followed by a lively Q&A session where you can dive into the details.

Warning: Things will get geeky.

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