Component Spotlight: Zola Window's uPVC Window Options for Multifamily and Budget Buildings (FRI 9/25)

September 25, 2020


Searching for window solutions for your multifamily or budget Passive House buildings?

This Friday’s (September 25) fast-paced Passive House Component Spotlight—a combination of quick, informative presentation followed by lively, interactive Q&A—promises to aid you in your quest. Florian Speier and Evan Anderson of Zola Windows will dive into their latest uPVC window solutions for budget-conscious Passive House projects.

Zola is known in the Passive House community for its designed-in-Colorado-built-in-Europe Passive House windows, particularly for high design projects that sport its aluminum, wood, or clad wood products. Less well known, however, are Zola’s uPVC offerings. Florian and Evan will present the details, highlighting components that are a strong match for high performance budget projects.

Warning: Things will get geeky.


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