Dr. Shelly Miller will host an AMA on all things IAQ


Join us for the next monthly Passive House Rocky Mountains roundtable Tuesday, April 7th, at 6pm MST.

Shelly Miller will host an AMA on all things IAQ. With all of us having to stay inside for an extended amount of time Shelly will cover many issues of Indoor Air Quality that can impact our well being. Shelly can cover issues such as household ventilation (exhaust fans, natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation), filtration (within mechanical ventilation, in room air cleaners), ultra violet germicidal lamps, cooking emissions, household and personal care product emissions, toxic environmental chemicals in your home and indoor microbiome. This AMA is open for your questions and concerns so we anticipate a lively and informative discussion.

Dr. Miller is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder and a faculty member of the interdisciplinary Environmental Engineering Program at CU. Her research interests lie in indoor air quality, urban air pollution, health effects, air pollution mitigation, and development and evaluation of indoor air quality control measures.

Her current research projects include assessing and designing engineering controls such as filtration and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation for improving indoor environmental quality, reducing building energy consumption and improving health, source apportionment of PM2.5 and association with health effects, association of coarse particles with health effects in urban and rural areas, characterization of indoor environmental quality in homes, characterizing ultrafine particles that penetrate into mechanically ventilated buildings, understanding the microbiology of the built environment, studying how HVAC systems play a role in infectious disease transmission, and identifying sources of air toxics and noxious odors in urban communities.


Andrew Michler
Andrew Michler
Andrew is Principal of Hyperlocal Workshop a passive house design group based in Colorado, organizer of Passive House Rocky Mountains, and…

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