Elena Reyes & Marisa Egea to Headline Global Passive House Happy Hour: Passive House in Mexico (Nov 18)

November 18, 2020


At next week’s Global Passive House Happy Hour we welcome Elena Reyes, PHI consultant and certifier with experience in Mexico and India, and Marisa Egea, architect and high performance building design educator in Mexico, to present on Passive House pilots in Monterrey, Nogales, Morelia and Guadalajara Mexico.

The EcoCasa Program is helping to pay for the construction of more than 27,000 low-carbon homes throughout Mexico. Thirty low-income Passive Houses pilots have been completed in four regions of Mexico with funding in part from European Union’s Latin America Investment Facility (LAIF) Component of the EcoCasa Program. The Passive Houses completed in Monterrey, Nogales, Morelia and Guadalajara are now serving families who will benefit from the low cost of electricity and gas in addition to the comfortable climate that Passive House creates.

Elena has a knowledge base from Passive House projects internationally where she has consulted and certified buildings, coordinated the accreditation of external building certifiers and is also involved in training and developing tools. Marisa, co-founder of INHAB, a Mexican consulting firm for bioclimatic architecture and energy efficiency, worked on TAPHA (Taller Passivhaus), the first residential Passive House building in Latin America.

Join us Wednesday, November 18 to hear the details about these projects and more about the LAIF Component of the Ecocasa Program from Elena and Marisa.

For more information about the projects check out our article on the completed pilots here.

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