EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Version 2, and PHIUS+2021 Launch Webinar


EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Version 2 – Highlights and Opportunities for PHIUS Partners

March 2nd at 3pm ET

To achieve high-performing buildings that reduce their impact on the outdoor environment, while maintaining a healthy indoor setting, PHIUS+ certification has long required that buildings meet the requirements of EPA’s Indoor airPLUS program and certify where eligible. Complementary to PHIUS+ certification, the Indoor airPLUS (IAP) Program includes requirements that must be verified during design and throughout construction. Given that EPA is currently developing Version 2 of this residential indoor air quality program, to further improve IAQ and broaden building eligibility, PHIUS 2021+ will be specifically referencing requirements from this newer Version. This webinar will offer an update from EPA about the proposed V2 changes– specifically, how they compare to the current Version of IAP, and how they will apply to multifamily buildings, including high-rises. Key technical changes that will be discussed relate to dwelling-unit ventilation systems, kitchen exhaust, improved filtration, humidity control, envelope airtightness, and water-managed assemblies. While the Version 2 requirements are still subject to change based on feedback received from stakeholders during public comment (1st period ends March 17th), EPA plans to revise as needed and offer Version 2 by Fall 2021. To view the proposed Indoor airPLUS Version 2 requirements and Public Comment Tool click here. Register for the webinar at


PHIUS+2021 Launch Webinar
March 2nd at 6pm ET
The PHIUS technical team received great public feedback after the pilot launch of PHIUS+ 2021 and is excited to fully launch the PHIUS+ 2021 standard! They will briefly review key findings from the feedback, outline critical updates, and take questions. Be among the first to learn what the PHIUS+ 2021 standard includes.


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