Factoring in Electrification: Designs for a Renewable Energy Grid


Electrification is the buzzword du jour for decarbonization, and it’s pushing policymakers to rethink how they structure everything, from local codes, to energy models, to how they incentivize programs focused on high performance buildings. Passive House has always provided a careful accounting of ‘source energy,’ looking closely at which fuels power which appliances and HVAC equipment, noting that not all source energy is equal.

This presentation will delve into how the Passive House standard is structured to support both electrification and decarbonization. We’ll delve into the back end of the Primary Energy Renewables framework, seeing how these apply specifically to our chapter regions (plus a few additional regions where Passive House is being heavily adopted.) Lastly, we’ll look at how these renewable source energy factors work using a specific project as an example.



Bronwyn Barry, RA, CPHD

Dylan Martello, SWA

November 24th, 12 PM — 1 PM PST

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North American Passive House Network
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