October 15, 2019


AB Passive House is targeted as a certified Passive House Plus and is located off-grid in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The 1750 TFA floor plan is conceived as a flexible space, able to accommodate a family of four comfortably or allow a couple to stretch out with a flexible living and working space.

The approach to the home meanders through a ponderosa pine forest, arriving at a rock outcropping and bridge transversing over a subdued steel exterior. Descending to the south the envelope softens with cork siding a series of large windows utilizing a timber based foam-free building system.

Passive House Plus certification is built off of the Passive House Institute’s Primary Energy Renewable calculation. To meet the certification a building goes beyond passive house levels of energy efficiency and incorporates on site renewables and energy storage. The calculation is based on the building site’s renewable energy potential linked with time-of-use of energy consumed in order to optimize the project’s use of clean energy at any time.

Follow along with Brian and Jodi Abbott as they document and share their experience on their Youtube channel My Mountain Living.


Andrew Michler
Andrew Michler
Andrew is Principal of Hyperlocal Workshop a passive house design group based in Colorado, organizer of Passive House Rocky Mountains, and…

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