October 08, 2020


This weeks Event Roundup at the Passive House Happy Hour featured Passive House leaders from Europe and the United States. If you missed last nights Happy Hour pre show you can catch up on latest happenings in the Passive House world in the video below. Don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter to get weekly event roundups, the latest articles and more in your inbox.

International Passive House Conference (through Oct 8, all sessions are recorded and available!) including free tradeshow

Passive House on the Frontlines: Wildfire Smoke and Indoor Air Quality

#BS Friday with Nikki Krueger (Fri Oct 9)

PHIUS Hootenanny + Design Competition (Oct 26 — 30)

Passive House Spain Conference (Oct 21, 22, 28, 29)

Passive House Component Spotlight featuring Partel (Oct 29)

Thank you to:

Giorgia Tzar, International Passive House Association
Mark Willie, #BS Friday
Jennie Eber, Passive House Institute US
Joaquin Ruiz Piñera, PlataformaPEP
Host: Shaun St-Amour, 475 High Performance Building Supply

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