Hayward Score Data and Health in PH Homes: Bill Hayward to Headline PH Happy Hour (Sep 23)

September 18, 2020


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Amidst widespread wildfires and “mega plumes” of smoke choking our communities, it is no surprise that health and air quality have taken on heightened currency in the Passive House world. Our next Global Passive House Happy Hour speaker, Bill Hayward, the widely recognized buildings health expert (and Passive House homeowner), will address the health implications of Passive House design head on.

After experiencing sickness due to mold and other toxins in his (previous, not Passive House) home, Bill developed the Hayward Score, a system that assesses the impact of homes on human health. The Hayward Score uses self-reported symptoms and deep algorithms to calculate the health risk of a given house. From his findings, Bill has created five principles of a healthy home—principles that draw on design moves that will be familiar to Passive House practitioners: continuous fresh air, proper sealing and insulation, and more.

At the Happy Hour, Bill will present Hayward Score data from 77,000 homes, demonstrating not only how homes impact health but providing insights on the specific ways that a properly built Passive House home can support occupant health. Bill will go on to show how Hayward Score data might be used to prove out the health and durability benefits of Passive House for the marketplace and the role that our community can play to help make that happen. In the After Hour, Bill will dive into kitchen ventilation and its implications for Passive House design.

Join us on September 23 to learn about this hot topic presented by a thought leader in the healthy homes.

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