Introduction to the Architecture of Retrofitting With Satpal Kaur

March 24, 2021


Design retrofits that are inventive & reimagined using building science principles while addressing resiliency & climate change.

About this Event


Three Part Class ($50/ 2 hour session):

  1. Basic of Retrofit: Friday, April 23, 3:00 pm ‑5.000 pm EST
  2. Retrofitting Interior Spaces: Saturday, April 24, 3:00 pm — 5.00 pm EST
  3. Retrofitting Exterior Facades: Saturday, April 25, 3:00 pm — 5.00 pm EST

Can we reinvent how we think about Retrofitting buildings ?

Yes !

There is a shift on how we are and will be designing retrofit buildings internally and externally for the future. In light of the Pandemic this has become a crucial topic as we rethink how to engage with the existing building stock to transform to a new safe, engaging and truly performative space. Yes, you heard, really measure it. With the basic understanding of building science principles as tools simultaneously with emerging new technologies allows us to reimagine Retrofitting as part of the Design in a more innovative way that provides long term adaptation response that is resilient, energy efficient and healthful.

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. Basic of applying building science principles to Retrofit design.
  2. Implementing Retrofitting approaches to interior spaces.
  3. Implementing Retrofitting approaches to exterior facade.
  4. Learning to measure so the design can be performative and resources you can use.

Accessibility Statement: As we navigate the opportunities and challenges of online programming, we are constantly learning and adjusting our workflows to prioritize accessibility, and we’d love to hear any feedback our community might have. Please contact us (


Satpal Kaur
Satpal Kaur
Designer and Building Systems thought leader with over a decade of experience implementing cutting edge technologies while designing…

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