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Don’t miss NAPHN19 Passive House Conference:

Build the World We Want, occurring June 27–28, in New York City.

NAPHN and NYPH are bringing sessions focusing on the frontiers of low-carbon building, design and operation for all buildings from university buildings, to large office buildings and multifamily retrofits.

The emphasis of this year’s conference is placed on the rapid scaling and implementation of low-carbon examples, to highlight how we are already able to “Build the World We Want.” A core mission of the event is to demonstrate, investigate and discuss how professionals and policymakers are utilizing and implementing Passive House today — from fully certified buildings,to rethinking how they approach their work, utilizing Passive House methodologies, to make critical climate impacts.

With over 30 sessions ranging from general policy to highly technical specifics, program highlights include:

● University Dormitory in Australia — a Mass Timber Certified Passive House. A 70,000 SF university dormitory in Melbourne Australia utilizing CLT construction — presented by the architect and owner.

● University Medical Research and Education Building — a Certified Passive House. The 140,000 SF George Davies Centre at the University of Leicester in the UK accommodates 2,400 occupants, theaters, research laboratories and teaching spaces.

● The New Office Building Amenity — an Elegant Passive House Retrofit. A 150,000 SF office building retrofit in Brussels, making a modern workplace while salvaging the existing structure and re-purposing removed materials.

● Passive House Affordable Senior Multifamily in Queens. A 58,000 SF mixed-use, affordable housing building in Corona, Queens, New York.

● Clear Targets: Good Direction — A presentation and policy discussion about actions in California, British Columbia and New York, including policymakers from the three jurisdictions and many other jurisdictions as well.

● Embodied Carbon — What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You. A deep dive into the upfront carbon emissions that can significantly negate the benefits of energy efficiency in our quest to reach 2050 climate goals.

● So. You Insist on a Glass Facade. Making glass curtain walls work — A look at glass curtain wall integration in Passive House buildings from Europe and the US — presented by Passive House Institute and New York experts. [Deeper dive pre-conference workshop on this topic available.]


Come and hear the esteemed keynote speaker, Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig. She is Co-Chair of the New York City Panel on Climate Change. A body of experts convened by the mayor to advise the city on adaptation for its critical infrastructure and neighborhoods.

Her team published its third report in March, 2019. It projects impacts on New York City anticipated as a result of climate change; presents adaptation strategies; and provides key recommendations. These include “new sets of tools and methods, such as NYCLIM, a prototype system for tracking these risks and the effectiveness of corresponding climate strategies.”

NAPHN Conference attendees include the full spectrum of building industry professionals, including architects, engineers, owners, labor groups, educators, policymakers, students and high performance building enthusiasts. This national conference is noted for attracting global practitioners pushing the boundaries of Passive House building development, particularly in tall and large buildings.

We have a VIP and tours, please visit for more information.


North American Passive House Network
North American Passive House Network
The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) is leading the transformation of the building industry to low-energy, high-performance…

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