NYSERDA becomes Stakeholder Partner of Passive House Accelerator

June 30, 2020


We at Passive House Accelerator are proud to announce that NYSERDA (the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority) has become a Stakeholder Partner of Passive House Accelerator, providing key support to our efforts to accelerate building decarbonization in New York State and beyond. As a platform dedicated to serving as a catalyst for zero carbon building, Passive House Accelerator is excited to partner with NYSERDA and to share stories from practitioners, building owners, and others who are working to decarbonize buildings.

As most readers of the Accelerator are likely aware, New York State has committed itself to an ambitious program of decarbonization across all sectors of its economy, with goals for (1) 70% renewable energy by 2030, (2) a carbon-free electricity system by 2040, and (3) 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

As laid out in its strategic outlook for 2020–2030, “Toward a Clean Energy Future”, NYSERDA is pursuing a multi-pronged approach to help the state deliver on these goals, with buildings playing a key role. A pillar of this work is the development of a Carbon Neutral Buildings Roadmap that establishes a path to achieve carbon neutral buildings by mid-century, including interim 2030 milestones for various building sectors.

NYSERDA is bringing a suite of programs and initiatives to bear on building decarbonization, including ones that focus on the efficiency/health nexus, the potential for high efficiency modular homes, the 1–2 punch of envelope improvements and heat pumps, net zero new construction, commercial tenant programs for energy conservation, and more.

Among these programs is NYSERDA’s Buildings of Excellence Competition, launched in partnership with the Building Energy Exchange and other leading buildings organizations in March 2019. The competition both incentivizes architects and developers to design and building high-performance buildings and catalyzes the creation of high-efficiency designs that can be replicated at relatively low cost while increasing safety, health, and comfort of occupants. The competition, which includes significant financial awards for winning projects, is organized into three phases. Phase I winners were announced in January, and included several Passive House projects; Phase II winners will be announced soon; and Phase III will open for entries shortly after. Stay tuned for more!

We’re grateful for NYSERDA’s support.

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