Passive House Canada announces new online, self-paced course: Up and Running with DesignPH 2.0

January 19, 2021


Build more accurate models in less time and harness the power of a 3D BIM environment.

DesignPH is a powerful tool for Passive House practitioners, but it can be intimidating for first time users.

This self-paced course will take you step by step through the entire DesignPH to PHPP process with ample time dedicated to the “ins” and “outs” of using Sketchup and DesignPH within a professional workflow.

DesignPH and Sketchup allows for a wide range to benefits to the Passive House practitioner:

  • Faster, more accurate modeling, intuitive 3D Interface
  • Speeds up PHI Certification process and eases communication with Certifiers and project team
  • Easier and more effective shading assessment. Support for complex context and building shading not possible in traditional PHPP models.
  • More accurate shading means better overheating risk assessment, more realistic peak load and energy demand estimates
  • Easier management of complex building data, efficient PHPP data entry for complicated forms and specifications

This self-paced course is recommended for engineers, architects, energy modellers, energy advisors, Certified Passive House Designers and Consultants, and anyone interested in using DesignPH software.

This course is taught by Ed May, Partner, Building-Type, LLC. Ed is one of the most knowledgeable and distinguished instructors in the industry. He is motivated to teach and has a track record of delivering engaging learning. He teaches with the Passive House Academy, the North American Passive House Network, and Passive House Canada and is certified by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Germany.


Passive House Canada
Passive House Canada
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