Passive House Week in Preview: Jan 18

January 18, 2021


Happy MLK, Jr. Day! Read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, deadlines, and developments to put on your radar this week. Do you have Passive House news that we should share in a future edition? Email us at:

1. TUE: Emily Rhea & Lindsey Elton at Construction Tech Tue

Tomorrow (Jan 19) Lindsey Elton, founder of Eco Achievers, and Emily Rhea, project manager and rater for Eco Achievers, will join the Construction Tech Tuesday team to talk the technique, technology, and technical strategies of testing commercial spaces, obstacles, and insights from third-party experts, modeling, site inspections, and testing for ACH. Learn more.

2. WED: Lois Arena, VRF Lessons Learned, at PH Happy Hour

On Wednesday (Jan 20) Lois Arena will present on VRF lessons learned at the Global Passive House Happy Hour. Lois, director of Passive House Services at Steven Winter Associates, is a Passive House all-star who has had a hand in some of North America’s most significant PH projects. Join us on Wednesday evening to hear to get the inside scope on VRF. Learn more.

3. NOW LIVE: Episode 22 of the Passive House Podcast

Brett Seriani of Seriani Designs in Australia combines a background in structural engineering and architectural design to his Passive House practice. In this episode, he joins cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh to discuss Passive House and the impact that structure can have on both operational and embodied carbon emissions. Listen here.

4. SOCIALS: Passive House/Building Science Gatherings

Passive House Accelerator Construction Tech Tuesday
Emily Rhea & Lindsey Elton, Eco Achievers: The Truth of the RED Door (Tue, Jan 10)

Global Passive House Happy Hour
Lois Arena, Steven Winter Associates: Lessons Learned VRF (Wed, Jan 20)

BS+Beer Show
Heating with Wood, John Siegenthaler P.E (Thu, Jan 21)

#BS (Building Science) Fridays
Susan Rowley: Bike Racks Save the World Again (Fri, Jan 22)

5. EDUCATION: Upcoming Passive House Trainings

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