Passive House Week in Preview: March 1

March 01, 2021


Read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, deadlines, and developments to put on your radar this week. Do you have Passive House news that we should share in a future edition? Email us at:

1. TUE: Mariana Pickering + Enrico Bonilauri, Emu Systems

Tuesday (March 2) Mariana Pickering and Enrico Bonilauri, co-founders of Emu Systems, will join us at Construction Tech Tuesday. Both CPHTs, Mariana and Enrico will talk about training to hone technique, technical skills, and technology knowledge. They will also bring a wall mock-up and delve into the tech behind window installations. Learn more.

2. WED: Natalie Leonard, Passive House in the Mainstream

On Wednesday (March 3) Natalie Leonard, founding partner at Passive Design Solutions, will present on bringing Passive House to the mainstream at the Happy Hour. Natalie was the first certified Passive House Consultant and Passive House Builder in Canada. She leads the Passive Design Solutions team with an emphasis on affordable housing. Learn more.

3. NOW LIVE: Episode 28 of the Passive House Podcast

In this episode, Talina Edwards—founder of Talina Edwards Architecture and board member of Australian Passive House Association—joins cohost Matthew-Cutler Welsh to discuss her journey as an architect, Passive House pioneer, and fuser of building physics and biophilic design. Listen here.

4. REGISTER: She Who Constructs Summit March 8

Join us on March 8th, International Women’s/Womxn’s day, in a discussion of Passive House construction careers and gender as six panelists present on their construction pathways, mentoring experiences, and how Passive House and technological changes are affecting their careers. Learn more.

  • Josie Costantini, Schilthuis Construction
  • Beth Campbell, Unity Homes
  • Kat Campbell, New Frameworks
  • Anna Heath, Maine Passive House
  • M‑C MacPhee, Endeavour Centre
  • Deborah Fields, Cascade Built
  • Introduction by Ilka Cassidy, Holzraum System

Register here. March 8, 7pm EST | 4pm PST. Free.

5. SUBMIT: PH Happy Hour Paper Plate Awards March 17

We want to hear creative “paper plate award” ideas to celebrate 52 weeks (1 year!) of Global Passive Passive House Happy Hours. Think ”most slides presented in the least amount of time,” “coolest affordable project,” “most inquisitive attendee”, etc.

6. SOCIALS: Passive House/Building Science Gatherings

Passive House Accelerator Construction Tech Tuesday
Mariana Pickering + Enrico Bonilarui: Mock-ups and Installation (Tue, March 2)

Global Passive House Happy Hour
Natalie Leonard: Passive House in the Mainstream (Wed, March 3)

BS+Beer Show
Building Monitoring: Kohta Ueno and Ben Bogie (Thu, March 4)

#BS (Building Science) Fridays
ACT 2 with Doug Farr: 30 Years of ARCH (Fri, March 5)

Passive House Accelerator Summits
She Who Constructs: Women/xn in Passive House Trades (Mon, March 8)

Building of Excellence Award Ceremony (Thu, March 11)

7. EDUCATION: Upcoming Passive House Trainings

New York Passive House
Policy | Draft Recommendations (March 1)

CPHC Training Phase II (March 1)
PHIUS+2021 Launch (March 2)

The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen
Radiators and Pandemics, A Curious Marriage (March 2)

Pattern Language from Passive House (March 2, 4, 9, 11)

Australian Passive House Association
Passive House Designer/Consultant Course (March 2)
Certified Passive House Tradesperson Course (March 4)

New York Passive House
Marketing Passive House (March 9)

International Passive House Association
Project Spotlight: Educational buildings in the UK (March 10)

PHIUS+ 2021 Prescriptive Path Launch (March 11)

Passive House Canada
320 Understanding Building Codes (March 18)

PHIUS+ Rater Training (March 22)

North American Passive House Network
Certified Passive House Designer Training (March 24–25, March 31- April 2)

Emu Systems
Certified Passive House Trades Person Course Spring (March 25)

Castaño & Asociados Passivhaus
Passive House Design Course, Spanish Speaking (April 1)

PHIUS+ Verifier Training April 5 (April 5)
CPHB Training Phase II April 6 (April 6)
PHIUS CPHC Training Phase II (April 12)

View our full calendar here.

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