Passive Without Compromise: Passive House Design Improving Architectural Practice


Passive Without Compromise explores the impact that pursuing Passive House standards had on a midsize architectural practice, their staff, and their consultants. Within the architectural community, there is a question as to whether or not pursuing Passive House standards will force the client, design team, or consultants to compromise the client’s desired results or their preferred business practices. The paper will describe how and why Passive House is more than just an energy-conservation standard. It is an approach to design that has the potential for improving the services and results of an architectural practice while simultaneously allowing the nature of the business to remain the same, specifically with regard to the architect/client, architect/consultant, and firm/staff interactions.

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Jordan Dentz
Jordan Dentz
Mr. Dentz is vice president of The Levy Partnership, Inc. (TLP), a research and consulting firm specializing in building performance and…

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