PH Simplicity *IS* Affordability: Todd Rothstein of Avesta Housing to Headline Wed's PH Happy Hour (Sep 9)

September 04, 2020


The Global Passive House Happy Hour is held Wednesdays at 4 pm (Pacific), 7 pm (Eastern), midnight (British), and 9 am (Thursdays, Australian Eastern). Join us 30 minutes early for pre-show networking and stick around following the main event for our After Hour!

Two years ago the Maine Real Estate Managers Association posed the question, are all these complex new controls and mechanical systems that we’re adding to new housing projects really worth the money? Are we getting significant energy savings?…because these systems aren’t cheap.

The question set Todd Rothstein, Director of Construction Services for the nonprofit affordable housing provider Avesta Housing, on a mission of data discovery. What were the energy performance results for the various buildings in Avesta’s portfolio? What were the added costs? How did they vary based on whether buildings were merely code compliant, LEED certified, or Passive House?

His findings led him back to that old adage, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). The buildings that had invested in the basics of Passive House design—envelope, airtightness, insulation—were the performers. Fancy gizmos were not the answer.

Todd will present his findings at this Wednesday’s Global Passive House Happy Hour, sharing a side by side comparison of one year’s (2018) energy use data from a survey of 17 double-corridor buildings built by Avesta Housing over a 12 year period. He’ll also share two case studies, one comparing a LEED and a Passive House building and their predicted versus measured performance, and another comparing construction costs of a code compliant versus a Passive House building built otherwise identically on the same property.

This presentation is all about the data that proves out the Passive House story of simplicity over complexity. You don’t want to miss this one. See you on Wednesday!

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