Product Showcase | Detailing Landmarked High-Performance Windows


Presented by ZOLA

Transforming a historic building to future energy efficiency starts with its windows. Local preservation commissions have rigid guidelines related to the aesthetic and operational requirements of replacement windows. Zola will walk you through the ABC’s of what these commissions look for in a replacement window and how to implement a high-performance Passive House capable window in your historic projects.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the key design elements that historic commissions look at when comparing replacement windows with a building’s original window design.
  • To grasp how each operation type relates to the overall air tightness. comfort, and energy efficiency of historic buildings.
  • To get an overview of the different types of historic windows and what high-performance replacements are on the market for each type.
  • To understand the resulting long-term impact that an airtight vs non-airtight building shell will have on moisture in a historic structure.


New York Passive House
New York Passive House
New York Passive House (NYPH) was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals who found the need for an energy-efficient built environment.…

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