Product Showcase | More than an R-value – Acoustics in commercial buildings


Presented by ROCKWOOL

Credits: 1.0 AIA/CES Learning Unit (HSW and SD)

Program Overview:

Stone wool is often specified for its superior properties such as energy efficiency, sustainability, fire protection, water resistance and sound control. Commercial stone wool products can help to protect property, extend building life cycles and enhance occupant comfort, and are designed to make construction faster and easier. This course will identify what stone wool insulation is and how it is produced and will discuss some introductory terminology and concepts as they relate to sound and acoustics in the building envelope. We will examine current codes and standards provisions for acoustics and finally, we will discuss some techniques and considerations that can be made when design systems for the interior and exterior of the building envelope.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the key features and value-added benefits of stone wool
  • Examine the acoustical benefits of stone wool versus other insulation materials in roofing and wall applications.
  • Understand common terminology and concepts as they relate to acoustics
  • Discuss the acoustic codes and standards that are currently in place in the USA
  • Understand the guiding principles for designing high performance acoustic assemblies as well as leave with some example combinations of materials for both walls and roofs.


New York Passive House
New York Passive House
New York Passive House (NYPH) was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals who found the need for an energy-efficient built environment.…

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