Product Showcase | Understanding Stone Wool (Mineral Wool) Solutions


Program Overview:

The net energy savings realized in a properly insulated building are well understood. However, as design professionals strive to maximize thermal resistance, yet reduce mass in the wall assembly, insulation is increasingly being positioned in both the stud wall and the exterior side of the building envelope. This split insulation concept has introduced a number of design issues and concerns; particularly as relates to fire resistance, moisture management, and wall drying rates. This program focuses on the unique properties of stone wool insulation, and suggests how it can improve thermal, fire, water and sound suppression performance in a well detailed wall assembly.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and explain what stone wool insulation is and how it is manufactured.
  • Identify the differences between stone wool, glass fiber, and foam insulations.
  • Explain the key features and value added benefits of stone wool.
  • Discuss the ecologically sustainable aspects of stone wool.
  • Illustrate applications for stone wool in commercial buildings and low slope roofing.
  • Comment on Code Changes to IBC Chapter 26 and testing standards for NFPA 285.

Date and Time:

Thursday, July 9, noon (Eastern)



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