Product Showcase | VARA - Smart Technical Airtight System


Presented by Partel:

One of the main goals of a successful building design is to keep water out and provide thermal control within the interior spaces. Understanding the principles of moisture management and the role of a smart air and vapour control layer in the design of high-performance building envelope is important, in order to provide protection to the assembly on long-term and avoid interstitial condensation.

Hugh Whiriskey, Partel’s Technical Director will introduce VARA — Smart Technical Airtight System — a solution to provide air and moisture control for a more durable, energy-efficient building envelope.

Smart Airtightness Works for any building type and in all climate zones.

Join us and be prepared to identify moisture management strategies for building, by selecting the appropriate protective air barrier and exploring Partel VARA airtight system applications.

Presenter: Hugh Whiriskey, Technical Director @ Partel

Learning Objectives:

  • What is a Smart Technical Airtight System
  • Interstitial condensation and how to overcome this
  • Partel VARA Smart Airtight System — Moisture management in building envelope
  • Selecting the appropriate protective vapour control layer
  • Energy-Efficient Projects


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