With this week’s Passive House conference, held from June 27–28 by the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN), all eyes are on New York City. Our colleague Brett Hill has written a great article about the Big Apple’s transition into becoming one of the most energy efficient cities in the world and a leader in the race to net zero emissions.

Are you interested in New York’s boom of new Passive House buildings and energy efficient retrofits, that drastically curb the city’s energy demand? Have you already heard about the city’s major Passive House projects that demonstrate how the Passive House standard can work on large buildings? Do you want to hear more about how New York fits into a global community of cities and countries that try to cut greenhouse emissions drastically?

Read about all of this in our latest blog post:…/

It’s a Passive House state of mind!


International Passive House Association
International Passive House Association
Founded in 2010 by the Passive House Institute as a way to bring together Passive House stakeholders worldwide, the International Passive…

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