The Red Door of Truth: Lindsey Elton and Emily Rhea at Construction Tech Tuesday (Jan 19)

January 15, 2021


Next week Lindsey Elton, founder of Eco Achievers, and Emily Rhea, project manager and rater for Eco Achievers, will join the Construction Tech Tuesday team to talk about the tech of ACH (air changes per hour) and airtightness. Eco Achievers is a Midwest-based firm that helps project teams to construct high-performance multi-family and mixed-use buildings that meet a wide array of certifications from, NGBS to LEED, ENERGY STAR, NGBS, and Passive House (PHIUS) standards.

Lindsey brings a background in nearly every high-performance building certification and works to support Midwest regional advancements of market-rate and affordable housing projects. Emily is certified as a LEED Green Rater, HERS Rater, ENERGY STAR Rater, ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction Rater, NGBS Rater, and PHIUS+ Rater. She currently is a lead project manager of all LEED projects and many single-family homes for Eco Achievers.

Join Lindsey and Emily as they talk through the technique, technology, and technical strategies of testing commercial spaces, obstacles and insights from third-party experts, modeling, site inspections, and testing for ACH.

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