March 27, 2020


Here’s a roundup of last week’s top Passive House tweets!

A thread from the editor of Passive House Plus:

  1. To stop short-term infection spread in the construction sector: bring the builders holidays forward. This, plus the Easter break, would provide just over three weeks of a break, with no net loss in annual output.
  2. Add in a few bank holidays and you have almost four weeks. That time could be used to confirm and disseminate a strategy and guidance for how best to minimize infection spread once work resumes, without suffering economic damage of construction grinding to a halt
  3. Exceptions would need to be made in some instances, such as for essential construction works, especially where it concerns COVID-19 war effort
  4. A broader definition of exceptions might be activity to fight the war on COVID-19, including medical works, provision of housing to reduce infection spread (e.g. to get people out of direct provision centers, given high risk of infection spread), and school classrooms.

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