December 01, 2020


Here’s a roundup of last week’s top Passive House tweets!

Congratulations to Hazle McCormack Young LLP for their Ringmer Passivhaus, which won a Sussex Heritage Awards’ Small Scale Residential Award.

At UKPHC, experts gave their prediction as to the percentage of new builds constructed to Passivhaus in 2030. The results varied with most saying around 25%.

Kate de Selincourt described the health impacts of poor-quality housing in a presentation at the final day of the UK Passivhaus Conference 2020 this past week.

PassivhausTrust shared some of the education and training plans that working through the pipeline during the final day of the UKPHC.

passivhausMAINE reminds us that one of the main benefits of Passivhaus is that it provides occupants from varying regions and climates a warm and comfortable home even in the dead of winter. By contributing to the 50 Houses Research Initiative, supporters can help bring better building science and more appropriately designed homes to Mainers throughout the state!

Welshpool Church in Wales Primary School has been completed in Powys County for students to transition into next term.

One of the most marketable aspects of Passivhaus buildings concern their promotion of better health and hygiene for occupants. Especially in the post-COVID era, Passive House has the potential to become so much more than energy efficiency.

Architect Paul McNally got to celebrate this weekend because his Passivhaus in Bandon is officially in the Passive House Database.

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