December 14, 2020


Here’s a roundup of last week’s top Passive House tweets!

Four new projects that are underway in Hamilton, Ontario, show that affordable housing can be built to Passive House standards.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Matt Hutchins described Passivhaus design and other progressive housing elements as being potential features in the “Houses of Tomorrow.”

Shaun St-Amour earned the Technical Excellence Award from HAVAN Leadership Awards. Good job, Shaun!

In their Sixth Carbon Budget, the UK’s Climate Change Committee claimed that there needs to be a 78% reduction in emissions from 1990 levels by 2035. In effect, it brings forward the UK’s previous 80% target by nearly 15 years.

Explore the journey of heat pumps in the UK and its comparison to gas boilers in this article for New Scientist. The author, Adam Vaughn, also discusses the future of heating.

A ban on gas boiler sales in the UK by 2033? Climate advisers say it’s not only possible, but necessary to hit climate goals.

Part of Oxfordshire’s strategic vision includes building affordable housing that is sustainable and energy efficient. During a webinar last week, Rajat Gupta described how Passivhaus design can be used to achieve both goals.

Perkins & Will received their first Passive House certification for SoLo, an all-wood home in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

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