Top Passive House Tweets Last Week

October 26, 2020


Here’s a roundup of last week’s top Passive House tweets!

PHIUS’s virtual Hootenannies begins later today with the Builder’s Hootenanny from 5 to 7pm EST.

Bill Butcher, Passivhaus-focused sustainable construction specialist, will be hosting a webinar in partnership with the Association for Environment Conscious Building on October 27. He will be sharing his experiences and knowledge working on radical retrofits done through the Green Building Store.

The Institution of Structural Engineers hosted a talk with Beth Williams and Dr John Orr about PassivHaus and operational carbon at the Climate Emergency Conference.

Researchers have developed a model that predicts airborne virion concentrations within a classroom.

The rise in COVID-19 cases is being linked to a lack of building preparedness. Justin Bere of bere:architects notes that the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations was pleading as long ago as April for governments to take steps to stop recirculating the air of buildings in areas with a COVID-19 outbreak.

The EU Commission published its Renovation Wave Strategy recently with the hope that it will double renovation rates and potentially create 160,000 additional green jobs in the next ten years.

According to Wolfgang Feist, the UK is one of the countries leading in Passive House development. He says this is in big part due to Passivhaus Trust driving the building standard in the country. Their upcoming conference begins next month.

The Let’s Go Zero campaign officially launches on 9 November, which calls on the government to take action on making schools across the UK net zero by 2030.

The citizens of Scotland will soon have the opportunity to vote for mandated Passivhaus building regulations.

Scotland’s first ever community-owned Passivhaus development had its tenants officially move into their new homes last week.

A north Wales builder is defying the construction slowdown with a £14 million order book that includes several Passivhaus projects.

Feeding the demand for cooling is continues to be a blind spot in models that involve climate and sustainable development.

Lloyd Alter directs our attention to the windows of The House at Cornell Tech. That is all.

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