November 23, 2020


Here’s a roundup of last week’s top Passive House tweets!

From last Wednesday’s UK Passivhaus Conference 2020: Jae from the Passivhaus Homes & Store and Anna Carton gave a presentation about designing to offset overheating in Passivhaus and other buildings. Most surprising was the limited benefits of thermal mass.

From last Wednesday’s UK Passivhaus Conference 2020: Beth Williams and Build Collective presented on concrete-free foundations. This great post sums up some of the highlights from Williams’ presentation.

From last Wednesday’s UK Passivhaus Conference 2020: Mitch Swanson discussed how better ventilation can help stem the spread of pathogens, including the coronavirus.

Passivhaus Trust and Passivhaus Homes & Store are hosting free virtual workshops about Passivhaus led by Jae Cotterell of Passivhaus Trust and Anna Carton of PH Homes. They will occur on Friday, November 27, and Saturday, November 28.

Alex Honey of Alexander Assessments will discuss how building materials are integral to Passivhaus design and how different material combinations give advantages and/or disadvantages at the Norfolk Association of Architects lecture November 25th.

Scot Housing Network will be hosting a Passivhaus practice exchange hosted to discuss mitigating fuel poverty and climate change.

Annalie Riches spoke with Hattie Harmand and George Morgan in the second installment of the Architects’ Journal Climate Champions podcast.

Sustainable building researcher and writer Kate de Selincourt lets off some steam about some misconceptions surrounding air leakage and healthy buildings.

Joseph Allen (author of Healthy Buildings) shared an updated report by Harvard’s Healthy Buildings Team about ventilation in schools during the current pandemic.

The first Passivhaus school built for Powys County Council was finished by Pave Aways.

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