(Video) Ed May & Amy Failla: The Road to Excellence


Our last Construction Tech Tuesday was more like a TED Talk than a Zoom call. Ed May, a Passive House Consultant and architect with bldgtyp, and Amy Failla, an architect and Senior Project Manager with Baxt Ingui Architects, touched upon the technical, the technology, and the technique, but also zeroed in on a fourth T: The theoretical. By taking a step back from the concrete and looking at the bigger picture, Ed and Amy questioned how we should go about defining the role of the Passive House Consultant and focused specifically on three questions:

  • What does it mean to be a Passive House Consultant?
  • What do we do?
  • How do we do it?

To listen to Ed and Amy’s illuminating meditation on these subjects, check out the link.

You may also notice a bit of a host changeup. Don’t worry! Shaun St-Amour will return as a cohost next week; he only took the night off to enjoy his birthday. Shannon Pendleton of Sanderson Sustainable Design filled in for him (very capably!). Shannon is a CPHC based in the Philadelphia metro area who specializes in residential design, reconstruction, and prefabrication. She’s also a founding Council Member of the Green Building United Passive House Community.


Jay Fox
Jay Fox
Jay Fox is a writer and musician based in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in Crain's New York, Salon, Stay Thirsty Magazine, Aethlon, and…

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