(VIDEO) Energy Modeling for Low-Carbon Architecture

January 19, 2021


In this quick intro to Passive House practice and to the digital tools now available to decarbonize both new construction and retrofit projects, Tom Bassett-Dilley shares an empowering call to action with fellow architects.

“As the pace of cleaning up emissions accelerates, architects who can confidently guide retrofit and new construction solutions toward low and zero carbon will be the more relevant and in-demand practitioners, I believe,” Tom says. “I urge all small firm leaders to invest in the training to make energy modeling part of your process and to help lead climate progress in the construction sector.”

Take five (not even that long…the video clocks in at just 4:35) and check out what Tom has to say. And for a deeper dive into Tom’s work and insights, see the Global Passive House Happy Hour presentation he made about the Carroll Center Passive House Renovations.

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