(Video) Jeevan Thaker: Ventilation Lessons Learned


The most recent installment of Construction Tech Tuesday featured Jeevan Thaker of HVAC Systems and Solutions. This may be our first Construction Tech Tuesday to focus exclusively on HVAC systems, but it certainly won’t be our last, since HVAC systems are integral to Passive House’s underlying philosophy and methodology. Apart from being the lungs of buildings and ensuring that occupants have plenty of clean air to breathe, HVAC systems in Passive House construction also play a key role in energy conservation and keeping utility bills low.

Jeevan takes us on a speedy journey through the technique, the technology, and the technical of HVAC systems, while providing a walkthrough of the design, installation, and commissioning of a 24-unit project in Whistler, as well as some of the lesson learned.


Jay Fox
Jay Fox
Jay Fox is a writer and musician based in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in Crain's New York, Salon, Stay Thirsty Magazine, Aethlon, and…

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