We stand in solidarity with youth for #ClimateStrike

September 20, 2019


As photos and video clips of massive crowds in Australia streamed into my Twitter feed last night, it was clear that today’s #ClimateStrike is a huge moment in an all-important movement. As I watched kids march past cameras carrying their signs (“I Speak for the Trees, They Said F—K U”, and, “Wind Energy, I’m a Huge Fan”) I laughed out loud (lol’d). But I was also taken off guard by how moved I was. The climate challenge is so big, but the power of these kids is so clear.

Much is said about how the younger generation will save us. But that’s not quite right, because the rest of us are not off the hook. We can’t abdicate responsibility. We all know it’s all hands on deck.

We stand in solidarity with youth for #ClimateStrike. We’ll be sharing observations and news from PHAccelerator’s NYC youth correspondents, Dylan and Justin, and PHA’s Seattle youth correspondent, Mika. (Follow us on Instagram to see the latest: @passivehouseaccelerator.)

Moving forward, we at Passive House Accelerator will continue to share the powerful truth that, collectively, we do have the solutions to climate change, right here and now, at our fingertips. We just have to use them, fast. I personally know hundreds of designers and builders that know how to transform buildings from climate problem to climate solution. Millions of people around the world are working to tackle the climate crisis on innumerable fronts. (Many of these people are marching today.) The science tells us that together we can still secure a future where we all, especially our kids, can thrive.

Today, we march! Then we get back to work.


Zachary Semke
Zachary Semke
Zack Semke is Director of Passive House Accelerator and a member of Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corps. He writes and speaks about…

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