Sam McAfee

Sam McAfee


Sam McAfee has been a student of green building ever since buying his first Earthship books back in 1988. Since then, he has received an MFA in Sculpture from UC Berkeley, designed web experiences for Gucci, HBO, & Showtime, and launched the green-contracting company Sumner Green that executed one of the first PH retrofit projects in NYC (2010).

He went on to co-found 475 High-Performance Building Supply, co-design the Zola Historic Simulated-DH window being used in many landmarked Passivhaus projects around the country, and started SGbuild Consulting that worked alongside Baxt Ingui Architecture to complete the first certified Passivhaus in Manhattan (2014) and the First Landmarked Passivhaus in NYC (2014). Over the last 4 years, he was co-founder & CTO of, a global window & door marketplace, and designed/developed the permit data analysis portal FenIQ (

He is currently with Zola Windows ( and in charge of their NYC client support & market development and has launched the NYC Low-Carbon Building Social Networking group focused on expanding the reach of high-performance building knowledge into other segments of the NYC real estate market.