Micheel Wassouf

Micheel Wassouf


Micheel Wassouf is a pioneer architect with over 20 years of experience in energy consultancy, Passive House certification (first official certifier in Spain), Passive House training and nZEB-Design for warm climates.

Wassouf is founding member and member of honor of the Spanish Passive House Platform and founding and board member of the Latin American Passivhaus Institute. Currently, he is directing the firm “Energiehaus Arquitectos” in Barcelona (www.energiehaus.com); a leading firm for teaching and designing nZEB — nearly zero energy building standard, adapted for warm climates.

Micheel is author of the book De la Casa Pasiva al estándar Passivhaus — la arquitectura pasiva en climas cálidos, Editorial Gustavo Gili, – a bilingual (Spanish & Portuguese) guide for passive architecture design in hot climates. He participates in international conferences, investigation projects and organizes courses in universities all over the world as an expert for energy efficiency and renewable energy.