Minimize, Maximize or Balance: Designing for Net Zero on an Urban Site (WED, 6/14)

Designing a Single Unit High Performance Retrofit (Part 2)

Designing a Single Unit High Performance Retrofit (Part 2)

In one six-story 83-unit co-op in New York City, Jane Sanders and Mario Bissessar are taking small steps to make a big impact over time by performing a high-performance retrofit of a single unit. Jane Sanders will present the design challenges and plans for this single unit retrofit at the Global Passive House Happy Hour on June 16. Currently, Jane serves as a senior associate and director of sustainability at Henson Architecture. As a dedicated Passive House designer, Jane’s work focuses on sustainability with sensitivity to historic details and restoration. 

Join us at the June 16 Global Passive House Happy Hour to learn about the benefits and challenges of a single unit retrofit. This installment of the Happy Hour is part of a special two-part presentation. Mario Bissessar will dive into construction details and remodel tech during his presentation at the June 15 Construction Tech episode.

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