Next Gen Series, Scale: Exploring the Extents of Passive House (WED 2/8 at 9am PT/12pm ET)

Expanding Missing Middle Housing Solutions Summit

Expanding Missing Middle Housing Solutions Summit

At our May 2022 Expanding Missing Middle Housing Solutions Summit, four housing specialists will share their collective experience creating a range of middle density, high efficiency, and Passive House projects in single family and transitional neighborhoods. Take advantage of their expertise in providing more affordable housing options and learn about ways to sidestep the challenges presented in creating high efficiency housing for the “middle.” We will be joined by moderator, Timothy McDonald (Onion Flats), as well as the following presenters: 

  • Bryn Davidson, Lanefab

  • Dylan Lamar, Cultivate, Inc.

  • Julie Klump, Preservation of Affordable Housing

  • Liz Hauver, Placetailor

And, in true Passive House Accelerator style, we’ll have a lively Q&A session after the presentations.

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