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Air Barriers for PH — a Component Spotlight with PROSOCO (Feb 17)

Air Barriers for PH — a Component Spotlight with PROSOCO (Feb 17)

On Thursday, February 17, air barrier specialists from PROSOCO will join us for a special Component Spotlight diving into the ins and outs of air-sealing and air-tightening on retrofits and new buildings. With more than 80 years of experience in the construction industry and special attention to air-sealing and airtightness, PROSOCO products utilize industry-leading chemistry and evolving business practices to help customers create high-performance Passive House buildings. During the Component Spotlight, PROSOCO’s Dave Kimball, Pat Downey, Paul Grahovac, Guy Long, and Dave Pennington will dive into technical detailing, commonly asked questions and answers about air-sealing and air-tightening buildings (with a special look at HVAC efficiency and fresh air flow in new construction and retrofits), what AECs should expect from their manufacturers, and more.

Register to learn more about achieving high-performance, airtight construction, and how PROSOCO can make your next Passive House project a success. 

WARNING: Things will get geeky.

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