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Tools for Tackling Embodied Carbon

Tools for Tackling Embodied Carbon

As the design community has made great strides in reducing operational carbon, how can we also begin to address the emissions associated with building materials and construction and the full life cycle of our projects? Join us January 25 for an in-depth session focusing on the growing list of tools available to designers to measure, compare and reduce the mebodied carbon on projects. Steph Carlisle, senior researcher at the Carbon Leadership Forum, will discuss how to pick the right tool for your project and workflow, discuss where LCA data comes from, and give a brief introduction to the science of life cycle assessment models that underpins this type of analysis. Finally, we will touch on how the design community is driving the adoption and creation of new tools and better data to inform decision-making and spur innovation. 

Tune into Construction Tech January 25 for a dive into the in’s and out’s of tackling embodied carbon with Steph Carlisle. 

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