CPD Webinar - Effective Thermal Performance of the Building Enclosure - Exterior Walls



Tuesday, June 30, 2020

12:00pm - 1:00pm




Event Description

Learning Credits for AIA, BC Housing, AIBC, ASTTBC & BOABC

AIA Provider Number: 40107438 | AIA Course Number - 9

Today, new buildings must meet the BC Step Code, ASHRAE 90.1 or National Energy Code for Buildings' requirements for thermal performance. This is a tough objective, since documented proof is required. Effective R-values must be met, not just nominal values, which means that high conductivity materials that cause thermal bridges must be considered in the modelling and calculations.

Many of today's conventional wall assemblies fall short of even basic compliance, causing larger, thicker, and more costly assemblies than ever before.

Learn what current wall assemblies are getting closest to the target performance levels, what the code-prescribed targets are for your region, and what some innovative companies and designers are doing to solve this issue, both with conventional and proprietary approaches, while saving cost at the same time. Finally, review some key differences, strengths and limits for difference thermally-improved cladding support products.