Greening the Grid: Bringing Canadian Renewables to NYC

Canadian Consulate in New York


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

6:00pm - 8:00pm


Canadian Consulate in New York



Event Description

New York City needs a greener grid to reduce building emissions and help drive compliance with its ambitious new building emissions law. And with Indian Point nuclear power plant scheduled to close in 2021, the challenge of transitioning NYC’s energy mix to low-carbon sources will only get harder.

Canada’s hydropower may play a critical role. The supply is massive, enough to dramatically increase clean energy imports into New York. The sector is mature, with an earlier potential timeline than emerging renewable sectors such as offshore wind. And hydropower is controllable, storable and flexible. The proposed new transmission project, the Champlain Hudson Power Express, could help the city meet its clean energy needs by supplying Canadian hydropower directly to the city.

Join Urban Green and the Consulate General of Canada for a Global Exchanges Event featuring expert panelists from New York and Hydro-Quebec to discuss this project and its potential to help NYC buildings comply with LL97.

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