Talking To Home Buyers About Passive House

New York, NY


Friday, November 15, 2019

10:00am - 3:30pm


Urban Green Council, 55 Broad Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY



Event Description

“This is a method of communicating that architects will not find anywhere else.” Lindsay Schack, Love Schack Architecture

"After having some success guiding clients toward passive houses, I was eager to assess and improve the approach I developed for these meetings. The training not only allowed me to affirm and refine my approach but gave me new tools to advance Passive House as not only a viable consideration for my clients, but the clear choice.” Barry Price, Barry Price Architecture

Every person who enters your office should be changed by their conversation with you.

In the workshop we’ll give you a process that will help you overcome the common challenges in these meetings and increase the number of clients who want a passive house or zero energy house.

There are enormous differences between selling a conventional house and selling a high performance one. So architects and builders need a different process.

Registration Fee: $475 or $400 for NYPH members (Discount code: NYPH)

Register at Erase40 website via the link above.

Attendees of the workshop will be eligible for 4.5 CPHC CEUs.

This course is aimed to help architects and builders who are already talking to their clients about passive house and those who are only thinking about it (but who are afraid of these conversations). Learn how to avoid many problems that commonly occur in these meetings in order to produce clients with a strong commitment to building a zero energy home. The process will give you ways to meaningfully differentiate your services from those of other architects and builders, make the decision easier for the client and make it more likely they’ll hire you.

This is all about process. Focus on the process and everything else will take care of itself.

What Attendees Learn:

What it takes to convert a person to passive or zero energy house

How to stop people from saying (and thinking) “it’s too expensive”

How to increase the home buyer’s receptivity to what you’re saying and confidence in you

What to do and say in the first meeting with a prospect

How we can do much better than talking about “green” homes

How to effectively differentiate your services from those of other builders and architects

Attendees of the workshop will be eligible for 4.5 CPHC CEUs.

Finally, thank you to New York Passive House for organizing and hosting this workshop.


James Geppner, Executive Director,

Following his years in Project Finance, where he evaluated companies and studied markets, James advised small and large companies on what’s shaping a market or behavior. He started to increase demand for passive buildings using behavioral science. He is currently developing tools to help architects and builders in their interactions with home buyers and developers. He is a graduate of NYU and of SGIB’s investment banking program.